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The 'WebTracker Package'

"Your PPA time and WebTracker Planner"

WebTracker Planner has been developed as a whole school Lesson Planning system, 'with assessment on the side'. Your Class list is visible, within the Lesson Plan, enabling you to assess pupils using our unique levelling tool, based of DfES Descriptors.

It allows you to develop your own Schemes of Work, producing Long, Medium and Short Term Planning.

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Standalone: May be purchased by a teacher for personal use, or by a school. When installed on individual PCs it may be used by a number of teachers in the same school, as it can import/export Units and WebTracker Lesson Plans.

Networked: Planner can be installed on the server to enable access from any school PC - by prior arrangement with the technical team at Orchid.

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Record Book

Using a familiar Record Book style, teachers can input data at the click of a button, for every child in all classes they are responsible for. A Dynamic Record Book, finally available to take the drudge out of record keeping.

It allows a school to share 'test and assessment data' and tracks results, whilst giving teachers the flexibility to record 'day to day' homework marks and spelling tests, easing their classroom worries. A tool truly for the teacher, but with benefits for senior management too.

Contains a pupil levelling module, based on DfES descriptors.

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Planner Plus

Contains all the features of both 'Planner' and 'Record book'.



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