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WebTracker Planner

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Any blue links in the text below will open up a screen shot of a page in the programme, or a small animated help file to show you exactly how the programme works. There are numerous similar help files within Planner itself to guide you - on every page.


WebTracker Planner…allows teachers to do their Long, Medium and Short Term Planning in a ‘dynamic’ and integrated way, ensuring that lesson planning time is kept to a minimum. Pupil Assessment is possible within Lesson Plans themselves, at the time when their work is still fresh in your mind.

Contains Strands and Objectives for over 840 unit plans based on:

  • the Literacy Strategy
  • the Numeracy Strategy
  • and the QCA Units of Work

... as your starting point, or create your own Schemes of Work.

Has Objectives available to use from:

  • National Curriculum
  • National Literacy Strategy
  • National Numeracy Strategy


The Lesson Plan Module

Create lessons using readily available information, fed through automatically from your Long Term Planning.

Walk through your unit, as you create lesson plans, using our unique 'Medium Term Plan' viewer.

Embed Cross-curricular Objectives from other Subjects into your Lesson Plans.

Include Objectives from other Year Groups, for the 'less' and 'more' able in your class, as you plan.

Plan independent activities for Groups, within your lesson plans, to aid in differentiation of work.

Attach personal worksheets to Lesson Plans.

Import and export lesson plans that you wish to share with other WebTracker users.

Assess children as you plan, using our unique levelling module, based on DfES descriptors.

Track their progress with our Pupil Progress print-outs.

The Long Term Planner

View your Long Term Plan - displaying Units of Work for all subjects, across all terms.

Merge multiple year groups, to produce a Long Term Plan for mixed age classes.

Organise Units taking into account ‘cross-curricular’ links, by simply ‘dragging and dropping’.

The Scheme of Work Organiser

View the curriculum used by other year groups to assist in Transition from one yr group to another. (Covers KS1, KS2 and KS3 Subjects.)

Create new Units using existing NNS, NLS or NC Objectives.

Embed Objectives from other Subjects and Year Groups into your Lesson Plans.

Import and export Units that you have created, to allow sharing between other Planner users.




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