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Teens 'know little' of politics

Teenagers questioned for a survey have shown little interest in politics - and have little knowledge.

Only a quarter of 14-16 year olds knew that Labour was the government, the Tories were the official Opposition and the Lib Dems were the third party.
The ICM survey interviewed 110 pupils for education watchdog Ofsted.
Nearly half those pupils polled said it was not important for them to know more about what the political parties stand for. And 4% of those questioned thought the Conservatives were in power - while 2% of them believed the Lib Dems were.
Almost all could identify Tony Blair, but only one in six knew who Michael Howard was, and just one in 10 recognised Charles Kennedy.

JC. Possibly the problem is not with how Citizenship is being taught and taken on board by pupils, but how politicians are alienating members of society, by ignoring what their electorate want. It seems increasingly that the perception is, that political parties promise one thing before they are elected and then once in power forget about the 'real world' and the issues that matter to 'you and me'. Possibly this could be why there is little interest in the political parties of our country.
I wonder what a similar survey of adults would have shown?

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