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Are we overprotecting our children?

Safety gone crazy?

A school in Carlisle now have safety conscious children performing experiments in the playground – NO. They have children breaking glass in the playground – NO.

They have children enjoying an age-old pastime at this autumnal time of year – YES. In fact the pupils at Cummersdale Primary are playing ‘conkers’ - only after they’ve queued up for their ‘industrial spec’ safety goggles. Mr Halfpenny, head of the school, purchased six pairs of goggles as a ‘sensible step’ to protect the children in his care.

In this ever increasing age of litigation and ‘no win no fee’ promotions on TV - maybe he’s right.

Full Story see BBC Education 4th Oct 04

Yes! The risk assessment form, for that week must have been hot off the press in the school office. The LEA must have sent their advisors in for this one…….a sticky problem. It does however lead us back to the same issue that plagues every school in these troubled times -' to do or not to do' that is the question.

Let's put it in the same folder as school trips (educational visits) , climbing on playground equipment it possible to do swimming lessons without going near water - an age old problem.



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