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Support My Child... Please

A survey by the University of London's 'Institute of Education' has highlighted the dissatisfaction of some parents, in the Education their children are receiving.

3000 students in state schools were included in the survey, which showed that a quarter had private tutors and were paying on average £25 for an hours tuition. They seemed to be from all age ranges, but with preparation for tests and exams (primary and secondary) being highlighted as one of the prime reasons. Parents were also concerned about the standard of teaching that was on offer, particularly the level of support for SEN children.

Full Story see TES 20th Sept 2004

I'm sure many of my colleagues would agree, that often we would like to provide more support for our SEN children. However.....just how many places can we be at the same time? The Support Assistants and Teachers in school do an amazing job, but with more funds for Special Needs, would be able to do even more. Can the LEAs find any other ways of reducing our Special Needs Budget?.....I'm sure they still have many tricks up their sleeves.



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