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Muslim Schools Citizenship warning

Independent Muslim schools must make greater efforts to show pupils a British "common heritage", says the education watchdog for England.

Badly-taught citizenship lessons have previously been criticised by Mr Bell, and in a speech to the Hansard Society, he warned that it was failing to pass on an understanding of democracy, public service and shared values.

"I worry that many young people are being educated in faith-based schools, with little appreciation of their wider responsibilities and obligations to British society," said Mr Bell.

The Ofsted chief said his forthcoming annual report would make particular reference to Muslim schools.

But his comments were rejected as a "misconception" by the Association of Muslim Schools. The association's chairman, Dr Mohamed Mukadam, challenged Mr Bell to produce "evidence that Muslim schools are not preparing young people for life in British society".

For a person in his position to make such a generalised comment beggars belief," said Dr Mukadam.

JC. Developing a cohesive and truly multicultural society with genuine appreciation of other faiths is not helped by comments of this nature.

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