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Drugs? No thank you!

Hopefully that’s what Primary children are saying, if offered drugs on the streets.

However a survey carried out recently in Newcastle and Glasgow, found that a third of 10 to 12 year olds had some exposure to drugs during their day to day lives. The statistics showed that one in 10 had been offered drugs at some time, even though they weren’t ‘users’. But as high as one in 20 were found to be actually using drugs at the time of the survey.

Full Story See TES 24th Sept 2004

Statistics like this show that, even at Primary level, adults in school need to be on their guard, highlighting such potential dangers to the children in their care. ‘Stranger Danger’ has been a part of everyday lessons for many years (from Keystage 1 onwards) and such excellent projects as DARE (Drug Awareness Resistance Education) have added to the resources that teachers have at their disposal. But let’s not be complacent.

Awareness is better than ignorance.



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