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To boldly go where no-one has gone before.

The 'Junior Engineers for Britain' Challenge brings schools and industry together for 2005, with a 'Space Theme' to stimulate pupils.

The National Competition for Primary Schools is designed to 'encourage imagination, creativity and ingenuity in pupils'.

As part of the Science and Engineers Ambassadors Scheme (SEAs) and SETPOINTS, local engineers work with pupils in Primary schools and then oversee the final competition. The children are given a challenge, which they have to complete within the allotted period, using K'NEX construction kits. The winners from each school go on to the area final, competing against teams from their county. After working their way through this and the regional finals, the overall National Winners compete against each other for the title of Young Engineers 2005.

Sponsors include NCE (New Civil Engineer), Young Engineers Enterprise and HASBRO (Truly making the world smile).
Do you want your school to be part of the 2005 Challenge?
Then visit the website at:

Details: Joanne Phillips, 01428 727825

The 'Junior Engineers for Britain K'NEX Challenge' is part of the Celebration of Engineering 2005 Awards. This is the UK annual engineering and technology awards, celebrating the achievements of students in schools and colleges.
Sponsors include BAA, BT, Lloyd's Register and The Royal Navy. Anything that encourages closer links for schools with, 'the real world' can only be a good thing for children, making school work more relevant and meaningful in their eyes.



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