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Figures from Summer 2003 show LEA statistics never before released, concerning this issue in schools. Officials from the DfES say that many LEAs submitted incomplete returns, so the situation is 'probably understated'.

Persistent disruptive behaviour was given as the most common cause for exclusion. The statistics show that 80,000 fixed term exclusions were reported, however many of the children offended more than once. The number of actual children involved was 62,000.

Assaults were also highlighted, with 280 children being expelled and 4,000 on fixed term suspensions, for offences against adults; whilst 336 children were expelled and 12,800 were on fixed term suspensions for offences against other pupils.

Full story See BBC Education 4th Oct 04

Anyone reading these figures, not actually in schools, either as teachers or support staff, will no doubt find this a sad state of affairs. However when in the classroom with these children, there is no way that you can ignore the impact of their behaviour on the rest of the class. Indeed, there is no way you can ignore the effect on the offending child, of NOT removing them from class.



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