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Teachers TV station takes to the air

A television station entirely devoted to the working needs of teachers in England is being launched, on Tuesday 8th Feb.

Teachers' TV, costing £20m a year and backed by the government, will provide professional advice and show discussions of educational issues.

It will broadcast 24 hours a day on digital and satellite platforms.

Schools Minister Stephen Twigg promised Teachers' TV would be "highly innovative" and make support for staff more accessible.
'Raising standards'

He added: "The channel is another key step forward in ensuring we make full use of digital technology to support teachers, teaching assistants, school governors and others in further raising standards in the classroom.

"By supporting educational professionals with a vision of good classroom practice, of good schools management in action, we can further improve standards throughout the system."

In one programme, Today presenter John Humphrys tries his hand at teaching.

Jonathan Dimbleby will chair a debate on proposed reforms to education for 14 to 19-year-olds in England, while Sheena McDonald fronts the Teachers' TV news.

In a series called Ted Wragg Meets..., educationalist Professor Ted Wragg interviews chief schools inspector David Bell and former Secretary of State for Education Estelle Morris.

Fly-on-the-wall programmes will offer teachers the opportunity to see others at work.

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