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KEYSTAGE 1 -To follow


KEYSTAGE 3 - To follow

WT Planner lesson Plan Sets

Note: Page Constantly being Updated
If you have any Lesson Plan Sets created using Planner and wish to add them to the Planner 'Community Bank' to share with colleagues, please attach to an email or post within the Orchid 'Coffee Stop' Forum.

These Lesson Plan Sets are for use within WebTracker Planner. The format cannot be accessed without the programme.

Keystage 2

These Units are based around the QCA Units of Work - teachers' interpretations of suitable activities. QCA activities have been reproduced by permission of QCA, from within their Schemes of Work as shown below.

How to Download and use... Click to download, do not try to 'OPEN' click on 'SAVE' then select 'ANY FILES' instead of 'Zipped files', so that Planner will recognise them. Save in a Folder that you can easily navigate to e.g. Create a 'Planner Lesson Plan Sets' folder in My documents, or on your C drive. Then you can easily IMPORT when you are in WebTracker Planner.

Year 3




Y3 English - to follow



Y3 Maths - to follow



Y3 Science

Unit 3A Teeth and Eating QCA Healthy food and Us (7 x 2hrs)



Y3 Foundation Subjects - to follow





Year 4


Y4 English - to follow



Y4 Maths - to follow




Y4 Science

Unit 4A Moving and Growing Skeletons and Muscles (7 x 2 hrs)

Unit 4B Habitats How species are suited to their habitats (7 x 2 hrs)

Unit 4C Keeping Warm Temperature and Insulation (5 x 2 hrs)

Unit 4D Solids and liquids-how they can be separated Can we separate solids and liquids? (6 x 2 hrs)

Unit 4E Friction How friction affects our world. (7 x 2 hrs)

Unit 4F Circuits and Conductors Researching Circuits (7 x 2 hrs)



Y4 Foundation Subjects - to follow





Year 5


Y5 English

Term 3 Persuasive Writing Posters and Adverts




Y5 Maths - to follow






Y5 Science

Unit 5A Keeping Healthy QCA Looking after your body (10 x 1 hr)

Unit 5B Life Cycles QCA Reproduction and survival - plants and animals (7 x 2 hrs)




Y5 Foundation Subjects - to follow




Year 6


Y6 English - to follow



Y6 Maths - to follow




Y6 Science

Unit 6A Interdependence and Adaptation QCA Plants, Animals and how they interact (6 x 2 hrs)





Y6 Foundation Subjects - to follow









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